The jayanagar shopping complex – a world of its own, shoppers paradise!

I had a chance to visit the jayanagar shopping complex in Bangalore, for some purchases for a family function, after a long long time. I must say that the market and shopping complex is a world of its own. With so much in store inside, a shopper cannot possibly go home empty handed out of this place.

The ground floor of the complex is a place with thousands of shops huddled close to each other selling many things from footwear, clothes, birthday party items, coconuts, vegetables, flowers, perfurmes, powders, vermon, garlands, spices, toys and household goods among other things.
There were shops that were also specializing in selling photo grames, idols of gods and goddesses, plaintain leaves, flavoured mint and mouth fresheners as well. The jayanagar fish market was a place which I could smell to find where it was, and it offered a variety of fish, prawns, eggs, and other sea food.

This market can be compared to any other flea market worldwide and the prices are down to earth and enables every shopper to buy things at a bargain. Other than the ground floor, this complex houses three more floors having government offices, bigger retail shops, clothing accessory shops and cosmetics of well known brands too.

Outside the complex are road side vendors who sell many knickknacks, mainly handkerchiefs, flowers, vegetables among other things. This place is worth a weekend visit, and while you are there, dont forget to eat at Ganesh Darshan, the erstwhile Dosa Camp, a fast food joint near the market. There are many bank ATMs at your service too in this area.
Around the periphery of this complex are handicraft shops, handlooms, mobile phone shops, book shops and famous restaurants to dine in. There is also a well known cinema theatre here. The best way to enjoy your day is to travel by bus or by the famous/infamous autorickshaw, a three wheeler ride. Getting an organized car parking slot is almost impossible here during the day.