Flexitron LED lanterns – flexible, saves power, money and lots of headache!

The latest rage in India are LED lights of various fashions, be it small torches, lanterns, garden lamps or even lamps that fit into the common bulb holder socket found at homes! These come in different wattages starting from 1W upto 3W or more and save you thousands of rupees in precious money when used in place of conventional lamps.

One such company making LED lanterns is Flexitron and I came to know about this company through some business contacts. I happened to buy a 1W LED lantern that has two LEDs facing each other, one from top, and one from below. The lantern costs Rs.900 upwards and comes with a charger similar to that of your mobile, which shows a red indication when charging and a green when done. Each charge of the battery can run this lantern more than 14-15 hours and the charge also lasts upto more than 10-12 days which makes it very very handy for homes in India where there are frequent power cuts.

The light released by this lamp is strictly not phenomenal, but it can easily brighten up a dinner table to an extent where one can comfortably have dinner even in times of power cuts.

Any product has to be handy in ways more than one, and this one is no exception. This lantern also comes with a Nokia phone charger with which you can charge your mobile phones during power cuts by deriving power out of the lanterns battery. Thanks to Nokia’s large scale monopoly, at this time this lantern only supports nokia phones, but it isnt far off when more multi model phones also garner support from our humble lantern.

Well then, is it a cool gadget for 900 bucks? I would like to think its quite expensive as usually is the case with any new products. But if you do think of the energy it saves over days and years of working, the amount seems negligible. The only problem then being warranty and support. For one year there is warranty on the lamp and I do want to believe that the company making these lamps does not shut shop or change business. But its hard to say what can happen due to business dynamics to such companies who are initially interested to be innovative and then change track later on. Hopefully my lantern will be safe for a few years.

In these days of use and throw gadgets, I would not be surprised if I find more and more people having greater spending power leading to more and more cheap, reliable, use and throw gadgets, there by keeping the economy revolving on and on!

If you care to buy one, do call flexitron at +91-80-25531512, speak to Prithvi. you wont regret the purchase! Move on bulbs and tubelights, give way to the swanky new LED systems.