Lalbagh flower show – awesome, messy and crowded!

I had the opportunity to visit Lalbagh and a chance to photograph the flower show. This show was conducted on the occassion of 60th year of Indian Independence. I met up with my friend who brought his Canon DSLR EOS 300D, while I went in with my trusted Olympus C770UZ 10x Optical zoom camera. Though not to the leagues of DSLRs, my olympus did a great job with DOF effects and Macro photography. The colour reproduction was extremely natural as well. Luckily I went one week earlier. Had I gone on 15th August, on the Independence Day, I would have got stuck up in a big mess of swelling traffic and crowds! Have a look and enjoy the snaps. If you like them, click on menu within the slideshow and leave me ratings and comments 🙂




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