Namma Angreji (Our English)

They say language must not be a barrier for communication. Most times we have even reached a situation where we have communicated with only our hands and dumb mouth while in other countries where english is not spoken. Today you come inside Bangalore and most people you got to for business speak many languages ranging from hindi, to kannada, to malayalam, to tamil.

And who says Bangalore doesnt have a concern for the environment? In fact every lorry driver too cares for the environment, what better example than this message to keep the city Poluiteion free … oops… pardon my spellings, I’m getting carried away these days.

I have heard of even better dialogues than this one!

– Open the window, let the atmosphere come in
– I need leave today, my headache is aching
– Both the three of you stand up
– Last bench please stand up

It does tickle the funny bone more often than not !! But I take pride in the fact that everyone tries to communicate in english much to the convenience of visitors from all over the world!

Welcome to my country, enjoy my country, dont litter the place and no poluite-ing the hair! 🙂

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