No Parking? What does that mean?

As usual, scores of autowallahs are adamant in flouting rules in the city. The police cares a damn on this behaviour and I pity to only think they need some tips in coming up in life. But coming to think of it in their perspective, they are prohibited to park in any place where potential customers are available, so what would the resort to? Like for example the HOSMAT hospital in the photo below!

While prepaid auto stands are a good addition to the city, this has only mounted pressure on the auto wallahs to try new tricks to work around that constraint. And they give reasons like traffic jam, water logging, and latest even that metro rail construction is going on – all to fleece you even more than ever. I sincerely wish the government provides subsidies to auto wallahs to buy Reva cars and make the city more silent please! The noise from autos alone is staggering enough to make you deaf in a short while.

Education is of prime importance and just like farmers became educated after turning millionaires selling their lands off, we would love to see auto rickshaws prosper the same way with some boom in their field of work too! God are you hearing?

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