Payperpost – A unique opportunity to earn with your reviewing/posting skills

For the past two years I was blogging very personally. It was only this year that I decided to go public with my thoughts to write. It was due to this step that I got introduced to PayPerPost, a unique website that leverages these skills of mine and enables me to review the links the provide. So without wasting much time, I ll go straight to the point of reviewing their site.

For beginners, the site main menu is well organized on top of the page, and gives you links to go to various sections where you can easily get conversant with how to set up your account, your dashboard, your PPP tools and also check on your posts. A very simple, uncluttered menu design in my opinion.

The dashboard has among other things your earnings, a simple button menu with various settings on your account and a box showing opportunities available for you to take up. It also has advert spots showing what are the opportunities available in a more pictorial form so that you can relate to it. Also below to encourage you is the list of highest earners, which can help you know more about them, make friends with them and perhaps learn how they manage to earn so well and try the same for yourself. I do however feel the dashboard can be simplified by putting the pictorial adverts in a seperate page to avoid clutter!

The opportunties menu item brings you to the list of opportunties which are displayed as per the classification of either being available to you or not. You can also zero in on either posts that are available, or those posts you can additionally take up, etc to simplify this list. it also shows how much you get paid, and the number of votes (popularity) of the advertiser. The PPP tools section contain many aids like banners, forms which you can easily install on your blog/website by copying code for the same. Its a nice way of letting users know which type of recommendation to pay per post are available and helps them select what they want most to their liking. Additionally also is a firefox plugin.

The myblogs section is self explanatory where you can manage one or more blogs of yours. Here what I liked is the fact that it shows whether the PPP tools are installed on this blog and whether your blog is available/participating in the market place and in the direct space. Google and Alexa rankings are also shown for reference which is a good pointer for your to keep note of and contribute more to achieve high ranks!

The myposts section is again self explanatory. It gives status about your blogs and what posts you have contributed for the opportunities listed.

Now coming to the most interesting aspect of PPP : Why you are encouraged to write and earn? The reason is simple and in front of your eyes. You have skills, there are advertisers, and there are things that you can review fairly and frankly. And you get paid for it as a gift ! All this put together brings your creativity to the fore and you can write cool things you like/dislike about any given opportunity.

Thats not all, generally blogging makes friends for you. and PPP multiplies that possiblity. You get to know more people, things what they do, and also the general marketplace musings! So what are you waiting for? Join PPP now and start making money while enjoying reviewing opportunities!

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