The advent of geeksrik’s blog

Alright alright. Before you scratch your head about this post lemme clear it up a bit. For a long time I had always thought that my blog was a mix of things. Well thats how Bangalore life is as well, so I dont see a reason to blog about the various aspects. In this melee what happened is that blogging about my favourite corporate articles took a back seat for a while.

Which is when I decided its time to reinvent the wheel again. And bring about a more focussed blog with matters close to my heart! And for a start I’ve made that happen at the blog of Geeksrik . As for the contents, its best you check out for yourself. I’ve tried to keep it simple and straightforward and in depth too.

More things are on the way w.r.t to my web career (as I call it). With atleast 10-15 minutes allotted to thinking a lot, it helps me get newer perspectives in life as I go on with work. You will see more and more updates from me on my pages soon.

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