2d, 3d & 4d baby scans (ultrasound sonograms) – a Bangalore perspective

For a long time I wanted to write this post, but somehow put this off until now. Now its time and I thought I’d finally get onto writing it. Having said that this post is about the different types of ultrasound baby scanning available today and what perspectives and insights they provide on your baby. Currently there are three types of scanning, 2d, 3d and 4d. of this the 2d scanning is a foetal profile on just x and y axis showing the baby as a 2d image in black and white. when this is extended to include the depth axis, we get a 3d image as shown below. when a collection of 3d scans are rendered with respect to time (time axis), what we get is a 4d real time moving scan video of the baby. Seeing your baby move in real time within the womb is a great experience to bond with the baby even before its born and every mother and father in the making have a thrilling experience seeing this scan.

Today India, and in particular Bangalore is in the news for all the right reasons with respect to complex medical surgeries that have met with astounding success. The scene is no different with respect to baby scans too. Advanced 4d Scanning is now available where you can take home either a CD or DVD with moving video of the entire scan to see at your privacy at your convenience at your own home! And to share the joy with others as well. There are many clinics that do this scan in Bangalore, and I visited the Bangalore Foetal Medicine Center, located as part of Sharadambal Nursing Home, behind Devatha Plaza on Residency Road, in Bangalore. This is to the right as you get down from the Richmond road flyover, onto Residency Road. Appointments generally are delayed atleast by an hour, and they are hard to secure too. Dr.Prathima, is an experienced hand at this scan and a very nice person to talk to, too. She has the courtesy of explaining everything you need information on with utmost ease. To get an appointment you can contact them at this number :


The cost works out to Rs.1000 ($20+) for a CD with still images off the scan, and Rs.1400 ($30+) for a moving video DVD. The same scan can cost as much as more than 200$ outside India which is horrendously expensive. The scan is worth the effort and in my opinion, no expecting parents must miss it! However be advised of two things:

  1. the scan can expose body abnormalities of the baby which would present anxious circumstances/decisions for the parents
  2. the hospital will not reveal the gender of the baby as it is prohibited in India, due to the high incidence of female feticide.

For more information on the different types of scan and what they mean, refer this link.

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