Bangalore Central and Garuda Mall, diwali shopping was just great

Diwali is around the corner, and since it was a long time since i shopped a lot, I decided to go around shopping to the Bangalore Central and the Garuda Mall to splurge out a bit. Since a friend of mine had no better work at office, he said he would join me for the shopping. So off I went first to Central which I had never visited till now. From outside I always thought of Bangalore Central to be a small mall, but I was sadly mistaken. With upto five floors of shopping of all different types, it was perhaps one of the better shopping malls around. But be advised that this mall is not for knick-knacks, but only mostly jewelry, clothing, perfumes, kids, men, and women’s clothing.

If you want the small shops selling all kinds of knick-knacks (scores of small items from chocolates, to cookies, to women’s wear which are cheap, collectible items to food and entertainment), the best bet would be the jinxed Garuda Mall down the road from Central, at a walkable distance. Nearby are also the home store and shopper’s stop which specialize in their own items for shopping. Why I said Garuda Mall is jinxed is because of the number of accidents that have happened there, including the death of a small boy, and a lift coming crashing down from level 2 onto the basement. The construction of the mall itself is kind of bad, and there is scope for all kinds of accidents if one is not careful. So watch your step at Garuda.

Central on the other hand is a mall that is much more well organized for clothing, jewelry, perfumes and packed food items. While the ground floor has perfumes and jewelry, the first floor has all men’s clothing, the second has women’s clothing, the third floor has baby items, and the fourth floor has other stuff. The fifth floor has a grocery store as well, and above that a dine in hotel. Many well known brands such as Blackberry, Arrow, Louis Philippe, Dockers, Scullers, etc are present in the mall giving a wide shopping choice for clothing.

The only shop I really liked in the Garuda Mall is Westside by Tata. It is here that you find cheap but brilliantly designed clothing and other home accessories. If you are in the mood to decorate your home, this is the best place to go to. You are sure to return with your hands full. Also present are restaurants such as Pizza Corner, Shiv Sagar, Subway and the likes. Garuda Mall also has more than 10 screens (Inox Cinemas) which show you the latest movies.

So if you want some great shopping head to these two malls this Diwali, and you would be returning happier than ever.

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