Breeze Cool Cabs – GPS + AC by default + 24hr service – game anyone in Bengaluru?

Today I was travelling towards North Bangalore, when this advertisement van caught my fancy. Before I dwell on the actual topic of the ad, its worthwhile telling here that these vans are becoming the fast preferred means of advertising all over the city in a mobile fashion. While it gives advertisers visibility across thousands of people for the whole day, it gives the general public a chance to note down these important ads/phone numbers or addresses for later reference. So why waste money on a costly ad in the newspaper when you can go mobile to achieve your job!

Breeze cool cabs advertisement on mobile billboard display van

Coming to the subject matter of this particular advertisement, it was about BreezeCoolCabs, a new taxi service in Bangalore which promises to be 24 hours, and claim to provide you with the most comfortable Tata Indigo for travel, always with the AC on (Note: Non AC, Non power steering vehicles are provided as features in cabs in India ! We need to be compatible to the olden days you see). These people also boast of GPS for tracking of vehicles, and a printed receipt much like other western countries after each journey. They do however say their services are reasonably priced, though they dont say how reasonably! This is the trick which makes you call them up to know the service charge which makes their marketing reach a full circle!

I have not tried this service, but if you do want to, Call up 40099999 and put in your review here after you take a ride, as to what your opinions were. It ll serve useful to others like you too. You could also book this cab online at the comfort of your desk. Try it now!

For your information, this service charges you Rs.15 ($0.33) every kilometer during the day time and Rs.20 ($0.50) during the night times for every kilometer. The chairman of this service is Mr. Prabhakar also heading many NGOs in Bangalore.

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