Every cloud has a silver lining

There is a saying: Behind every cloud there is a silver lining. Of course this applies to most things in life too. Whenever we see a cloud (of problems) coming towards us or blocking us in what we do, what we fail to see is the silver lining (a solution or a window of opportunity) behind this cloud. Many of us even doubt the veracity of this saying itself just because we are unable to be smart to find solutions to our daily problems.

Nature has its own way of making us understand this point. As I was traveling back home from work, I could not help noticing this wonderful beam of sunrays coming out of the clouds which loomed large around the city. The rays were so brilliant that the light thrown around shone like a diamond ring.

So the next time you are faced with problems, remember this photograph, there is always something bright and exciting behind the dark black cloud! If you can spot this silver lining, you will easily conquer all your problems and be a winner in life!

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