Gmail adds more functionality to labels, and new colours too!

Google seems to be doing new things with Gmail. First it was emoticons, then it was IMAP, then it was a slight change in UI, then it was group email chat. And now labels and options on labels. For starters, google is now adding colours to labels, and you can set colours to your important labels to spot them easily on the screen.

Not only that, you can also access emails or conversations based on labels more easily than ever before. One can easily notice its AJAX at work efficiently on the google mail. If your conversation has a label, you can now click on that label and it will open that conversation in a much bigger better view showing all labels associated with it.

You can then click on the labels in view to search for all messages with that label. You could also delete a label off this conversation by clicking the small close ’x’ button next to label. Pretty neat eh?

So more label related features coming onto gmail now! Google is now ensuring that people drift more and more away from traditional memory hungry, bandwidth hogging email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! And as of date google has given me almost 4 GB of space (virtually though!) which itself is unmatchable by anyone as time goes by. Way to go google!

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