Grundfos shower boosters – a must have for Bengaluru

Have you been cursing your bathroom shower for the slow stream of water it pumps out onto your head? Have you felt bad on your investment on the shower when it makes you sulk in irritation each day? Worse still, have you got showers that have only been gathering rust each day at your home? Isn’t it time to pump up the force on that shower water?

Grundfos, a famous company manufacturing water pumps has a solution to this precise need of yours! A shower booster for all those slow-water-flow homes. In today’s Times Of India, they provided an ad, which I replicate here to keep note:

As you can see for yourself, you can call 1800 345 4555 or SMS ’pump’ to 55050 to get more details on this pump. Get it installed at your home and go enjoy that super force shower you always wanted to in peace. Every day, each time. With water becoming such a scarce commodity, and flowing in such small streams into every home, the best we could do is install this pump and feel good about the same water scarcity !

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