ICICI bank tries to save its face – on complaints of rowdism

There have been many articles and news releases in the past about customer harassment for non payment of loans, or about recovery agents threatening to screw up your life if you missed one EMI for whatever reasons. ABN Amro and ICICI have been involved a lot in these scandals (if I may term them so) where many customers have been repeatedly threatened by recovery agents (read as goondas) who abuse these customers and use foul language and sometimes even use sexual harassment tactics.

No matter how much ICICI and ABN Amro tried to deny these happenings the public outcry was too huge for ICICI to bear and battle it out. This only proves the Indian public are not taking anything sitting down quietly these days. ICICI today released a full one page ad in the Times Of India, saying they understand the importance of their customers and detailing a process they follow on how they alert a customer on pending payments and how many levels they ping the customer before the rowdies arrive on the scene (of course the last part was added by me! :D)

What’s even more interesting is that even MNC banks such as ICICI wake up only when events like this start to hurt their image among the public. If the famous Shah Rukh Khan, who is now advertising for Pepsi, Hyundai, Compaqand what not has to be called in for this ad by ICICI, one can only imagine what the situation really is w.r.t to their public image.

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