India Celebrates 59th Republic day

India is celebrating its 59th republic day. It is on this day that the constitution of India came into effect way back in 1950. It also signifies the transition of the control from the British regime to the Indians. While we look back at these 59 years to see what effect the transition of the power and control has done to India, a lot of images flash through the mind immediately. A few of these are stated here to portray the situation better:


  1. India made significant progress in the way a democracy is run by bringing in an extremely complex framework to handle this country as years go by. This is called the Constitution of India.
  2. Our country made dynamic strides in education and literacy
  3. Economic progress was extremely fast especially since the last 10 years thanks to economic reforms opening up during each government’s regime
  4. Almost every industry in India is now comparable to a similar industry around the world in terms of its execution, its profits or its sheer leadership prowess
  5. Health services improved dramatically over the past 50 years to a level where now our country is regarded as one of the best destination
  6. The common man has grown richer now (though there is still a divide) thanks to technology, knowledge and exercising his rights better in a democracy such as ours
  7. Companies are more customer oriented, more competitive and offer better services than ever before in this country
  8. Infrastructure has seen the biggest leap since a decade and is going places today.
  9. Tax collection has been at its highest since ever and we can now see it being used atleast partially in the right direction
  10. We are beginning to see visionaries in every field however big or small it is. Entrepreneurs are now having a bright chance to show their mettle in todays empowered world
  11. Women are being empowered more and more and reservations have been brought in towards education for those people who should be genuinely standing a chance to study well.
  12. More and more people are turning spiritual knowing fully well that this is the only way to bring order to the country and to bust the stress we are putting ourselves into unwantedly.


  1. The education we have is being misused by us to lord above everyone else around us. This is beginning to create cracks and differences everywhere

  2. Our basic sense of being polite to others is now thrown to the wind and we dont want to care about anyone other than ourselves and choose to be rude everywhere and to everyone

  3. The rural-urban divide is either too noticeable or atleast being hyped to be so in demanding special rights to ourselves. This has also led to looting, arson, killings and all else for financial gain

  4. The so called leaders and bureaucrats continue to swindle preciously earned and taxed money leaving genuinely needy people and the citizens in the lurch. It has infact become so pathetic that these people even put their hands on money meant to provide good food and education to the needy children of our country.

  5. The complex constitution of India has made it possible to have several billion loopholes for every thing that we encounter that there is no one being accountable for any of their deeds today

  6. The male domination is once again rearing its head in an ugly way in this decade in a country which is already suffering with this kind of image since years. Its evident how women are oppressed, how cases are not filed or go unnoticed or unheard and how justice takes years to provide a recourse.

  7. The crime graph in almost every city is on the spiralling rise and this can be attributed to both inefficient security systems and change in human attitude in the society of the current context

  8. Terror is gaining an edge over a civilized society and will one day lord over the rest of the good samaritans if left uncontrolled. Though we have enough ways to tackle this menace, we are idling on it to let it grow omniously and silently till one day we find a mammoth problem that has no solution

  9. Stress related diseases on rising to a dangerous level and if we do not choose to remain stress free this country will see more people dying in the shorter term of a few decades from now falling to unnecessary problems of the body, mind and soul.

  10. Financial planning is at an all time low among middle class people as there are many avenues to spend money on today and many people are failing to realize the strength that a secured financial life will provide for ourselves and our families

  11. More and more families are turning nuclear and so are our values, upbringing and our levels of emotion and care. This is not a good sign as we will go towards a path where we begin to care lesser and lesser for the people around us in our family thereby diluting the essence of the family values to the fullest extent.

The list goes on, but so does time. And only time will be the healer to our problems. Every person at one stage in life will have to step down from the mantle of being an irresponsible person and choose to be a mature individual in life. The only question that then remains is at what age of the individual this happens? In my opinion, the sooner, the better.

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