More winter in Bengaluru

I had posted about the onset of winter in Bengaluru here earlier. The winter season is just getting more and more foggy as is evident from these pictures here.

The temperature pattern in Bangalore has changed significantly over the past ten years. Around December 2004 was the least recorded temperature of about 9 degrees in Mysore. Added to this, I’ve even seen a hail stone storm in the month of May in Bangalore during the late 80’s. It was just awesome to find ice cubes pounding you in the evening! But all that seems to be the past, the average temperature in Bangalore has now risen considerably with summers going upto 38 degrees, and winters just at around 15 degrees. Instead it now rains cats and dogs at inappropriate times and clogs the whole city.

10 years down the line, I am hoping not to see people in serpentine queues waiting for water to drink!

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