Navratri – 9 nights of festive fervour

It was Dussehra time, and what better way than to indulge in the festive spirit in India! It is this time of the year when most companies perform Ayudha pooja, and declare a holiday for the next two days. Ours was no different. But there were surely some eye catching designs of Rangoli(floral/nature based kaledioscopic patterns/art forms of India) designed by our office staff. With new clothes and sweets distributed to all maintenance staff and peers, this was indeed a truly festive time!

All our computers were adorned with the customary kumkum and turmeric powder and also the rudrakshi flowers. This flower also has a seed equivalent which is used to make neck chains used for chanting mantras, and is called the Rudraksha Mala. This bead is supposedly having mystical and divine properties which has healing powers on the body if worn.

And before I end this post, I provide here a wonderful picture of Goddess Durga which I think you would enjoy seeing in all the beauty it exhibits! (Click on to see a much bigger image)

Thanks to my friend Ravi, who sent me this image by email!