Noodles and Energy drinks – ruling the roost worldwide and in Bengaluru

Yesterday I was really very hungry towards the evening and I was fed up of eating almost all kinds of food. I decided I wanted something lighter, something that made me enjoy eating, and something that brought back the energy in me! So I dashed off to a shop and got Cup noodles and a Gatorade energy drink.

Worldwide, noodles has been accepted with open arms since many years ago. In India too Nestle was the pioneer in introducing the well known Maggi noodles. Though these noodles were Initially pioneered by Nissin Foods in Japan and had their share of health concerns on the amount of saturated fat or trans fat, Nestle continued the innovation to provide people in India with wholewheat flour based noodleswith no trans fat which has been well received all over the country. However there have been brickbats on this version too!

The Nissin Cup Noodles come in three varieties, Spicy vegetable, Mast Masala and Tangy chicken. Me being a vegetarian, I ve tried the first two of these. While the first one is itself quite spicy, the second one is a definite no-no for people with sensitive stomachs. The problem lies in the fact that the entire spice based masala content, rests at the bottom of the cup while the noodles are quite bland at the top. So towards the end of it, its almost liquid and full of spicy masala which is not good at all.

On the energy drinks front, many companies have tried to create drinks that are able to pep up your energy levels. Of this Red Bull has been pretty successful in the USA. I had got addicted to 100plus while I was staying in Kuala Lumpur. It was cheap, and really good for the body considering ridiculous equatorial climate out there in KL. It was an isotonic drink and was very welcome in such climates to easily rehydrate yourself!

Though these are avaialble in India as well, Gatorade has made its entry into India too since October 2004 when Pepsi started bottling and selling it here. There are lots of choices for energy drinks in India, but the prices still make it unaffordable for everyone. Why would I pay Rs.100 ($2.5) for a can of Red Bull, when I get Gatorade for Rs.25 ($0.25) a bottle ?

So the final call? Gatorade seems good, but the noodles is best kept as a last resort if there is nothing else to eat! Enjoy eating!

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