Swipeout, Infosys, and Rudresh = Creativity

I was casually having a chat with my friend after a long while, when he mentioned this to me. Recently on google, the term swipeout brought out an Indian result on #3 slot. And that’s because of the buzz it created within the IT circles in Bangalore and Mysore. While the director of this movie was doing all this from the background, two guys from Infosys became mini superheroes among our circles. What intended to be a movie for an intra company competition, finally became so public and accepted on Youtube.

So what then is it ? Its about killing time and people before swiping out of office.Are you keen? See the movie below:

As for Rudresh, I never knew he had direction skills within him. But when you apply passion and creativity anything can be achieved is the adage! So here’s to my friend Rudresh! Hope to see many more such movies from him. A rather scintillating flash presentation on similar lines, is also provided below for you to enjoy, its called THE FIGHT !

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