The fiat 500, in India as a CBU for Rs.10 lac – doesnt it rock?

I was pleasantly surprised to see the FIAT India website updated with the cute and sexy Fiat 500. I also came to understand that FIAT has decided to sell this car in India as a CBU (Completely built unit) for about Rs. 10 lacs. Though the price looks steep it will be for those people who want to flaunt their style attitude on the roads. It will come with the same 1.3 MULTIJET diesel engine that is there in the swift diesel car today. Same power, torque but smaller car! Can you imagine how thrilling it will be to drive this car with such a zippy engine!? And oh yeah its a three door car meant for two people with plush seats and biege theme upholstery inside and with the usual safety features. The day FIAT decides to build this here in India, it would cost upto 5 lacs which is still a great price to pay for a car that has 500000 combinations of style possible (tyres, body, paint, wheels, colours put together!). Even if there are only basic options provided, it would still be the same fit and finish as sold in Italy and elsewhere making it a bargain!

This car is like the Beetle of yesteryears. The FIAT 500 was first launched in 1936 and FIAT has successfully continued its legacy in keeping the FIAT 500 going albeit with new spirit and style options. For more information check out the indian website of fiat here. Fiat also plans to sell its BRAVO for about 20 lacs as a CBU (around 7-8 lacs if built here) and BRAVO has won many awards elsewhere due to its spacious theme and ultimate looks and style. The BRAVO gallery can be found here on FIAT india website.

(Flash presentation courtesy : FIAT INDIA limited)

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