Yeddi, Gaddi and JD

With the Janata Dal doing a U-turn on supporting BJP government for the voting session in assembly, the situation in karnataka state comes back a full circle to the same situation as one month back. A few reasons why JDS is not willing to support is clear:

  • they dont have rights over bangalore administration portfolio, which means they cant control ashok kheny
  • they dont have rights over mining portfolio which means they cant control janardhan reddy and loads of cash inflow
  • they dont have rights over BDA, which means they lose all money related to bangalore project clearances
  • they anyway dont like the aspect of a yedi chiefministership

Having said this, what will happen next? – there are a few options

  • JDS aligns with congress and forms government, it will be remote controlled by gowda again
  • in all likelihood kumaraswamy would be chief minister
  • if congress does not agree with this, then it will be polls
  • an alternative government can be formed with vatal nagaraj, mp prakash and supporters, and splinters from congress and bjp, and samajwadi party (bangarappa) which in most likelihood will finish full term
  • presidents rule back again upon governors recommendation

its interesting to note that we the public of karnataka have brought the state to such a situation where we allow a minority party to function as the government which defeats the basic purpose of voters rights!

What would you want in karnataka now?

What will happen to the karnataka government now?

JDS and congress will form government
Presidents rule will be imposed for another 2 years
BJP will sign memorandum and continue with JDS
Independent parties will form government

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