Better caring the better way.

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you when you are old? Have you ever wondered how old age care homes in other countries work? Bettercare is one such website which answers this and many such questions. It is a service which helps you find the best nursing homes available for caring for your elders.

The website itself is neatly designed and easy to read and understand. It has three major classifications – your care options which provide you a list of options for care homes available around your location, News and views which shares important news about care for the elderly, and a nifty and sweet forum for like minded people waiting for care or giving care to discuss the topic.

The first section deals with different types of care – care from home, rented residential care and finance based care options. It also contains links to charity organisations around you. The news and views section has news snippets, expert talks, and tips to lead a healthy life. The forum allows users to talk to each other, and the section also contains letters sent by visitors and nostalgic experiences shared on the site.

So if you are looking for inputs on nursing homes, go no further. BetterCare is the best example!