COBY FM + USB + SD + remote – awesome pastime for a good nights sleep in hot bengaluru

Finally I got some time to write about the COBY CX 266, a model perhaps thats already outdated in days in the USA which i nevertheless procured at $45 from there. I ve purchased a billion radios till date. But I must say there is no one single radio that is giving me as much comfort as the coby baby that i currently have. I was expecting a flimsy radio when I first purchased it. Only when my friend gave it to be after it traveled from USA miles to Bengaluru, did I start appreciating the radio for what it is. My need was simple, I wanted a decent sounding radio supporting FM and having a remote control to operate it with. But what i actually got with the coby was much more than what I asked for!

It has a USB slot and an SD/MMC slot to pull in all the music from the associated devices and play it on the radio. I have not tried this feature yet, but I appreciate that its there! The entire radio is done out of proper wood and the construction quality shows well when you look at it. It just looks so sweet! The six buttons on the radio itself are quite flimsy but who cares, I use the ones on the remote instead! And then there is the aerial antenna which is hooked somewhere to my window for better reception. The big volume knob in white at the middle also serves as a push button on-off power switch for the radio and to increase or decrease the volume but turning a full 360 degrees free flow. I always love radios that welcome me by saying HELLO when you switch them on and BYE when you switch them off. Pretty neat! During the nights the backlighting on the radio is quite clearly readable too. With this the radio has features to auto switch on at a given time, auto switch off after a certain amount of time lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. The latter is a feature that is most welcome especially when you have slept off and your radio intelligently switches itself off without disturbing you! How really nice!! And in case you are those zomibies who dont wake up when the alarm rings (this ones got a radio alarm by the way), you also got a snooze button at your service to keep snoozing until its night time again !

Here a few more pictures and the manual is attached too! For 45$ this is a treat.

So the only things I dont really like about this radio:

– no recording option

– no line in for recording as well

Special thanks to my friend Mahesh, whom we fondly call MASH for this gift. A good night’s sleep is now never really far away!

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