Portable DVD Player from digitalframez

In earlier times watching movies was possible only on a TV or a standalone DVD player or perhaps a laptop which came with lots of associated peripherals. This not only increased complexity but also reduced the entertainment scale with such huge devices. For people on the move this was really bad until portable DVD players entered the scene.

Whats essential about portable DVD players is to keep track of its size, the disc formats supported, the outputs it provides so that it can be used with a variety of other devices, and the sound quality too to some extent. Having said that Digitalframez offers a trendy portable 10 inch DVD player. With most movies getting over between 2-3 hours, this player has about 4 hours of playtime which is a good thing. You could always end up one whole movie without battery fuss! And whats more it even charges off your cigarette charger in the car, making it worthwhile a gadget to possess for those long drives.

One another important thing to consider with a portable DVD player is the type of file formats it is capable of playing. In that respect the Digitalframez portable dvd player also is equipped to play divx files, and thats a huge boon considering that most DVDs are on divx format these days. It also plays photos, mp3 and other files! Armed with a TV tuner it makes it possible for a dual use mode, to watch either TV shows or DVD discs. At $239 its a steal.