From Saltaire to Bengaluru, muddling through all the mess

Agreed. There has been no posts for sometime on this blog. Well all I can say is I have been COMPLETELY (read that 100% utilization) stressed out. I barely have time even to breathe, or sleep, or even talk to anyone, leave alone blog. There are many complex things happening in my life at the moment and I expect the storm to blow over by another fortnight. The only silver lining to the cloud is that I was away from all the chaos of Namma Bengaluru to a place called Shipley (Saltaire). This is a world heritage site which houses the company I work for, in an industrial mill (Salts mill). It was summer in england and it was really cool. (how about 3 degrees to 10 degrees?)

Saltaire is a village west of Yorkshire and is a self contained locality with peaceful environs. I returned within a week to Bengaluru through an Air france flight. The flight by itself was graceful, but the airport had lots of surprises for me. No security checks on luggage, all staff resigned and joined BIAL. Two conveyor belts of which one was not working and people were sitting on it, a billion mosquitoes all around and to add to that a night temperature of 28 degrees. Imagine a 1 hour exit time, a 1 hour luggage delay and a 30 minute traffic jam at midnight. Welcome to Namma Bengaluru.

I leave you with this short post and some photos of Bradford, Saltaire and Bankfields hotel where we stayed in!