Break time!!

Wondering why there are lesser updates on this blog? Well I was off on a break of different sorts!

It was my cousin’s marriage after a long long while in the family. This called for a trip to Chennai city after really long years. And a new entrant this time was my son who was the show stopper around there in the function. Chennai was humid as compared to Bangalore which was freezing in the monsoon winds. The cold juice, the hot weather, the humid climate and the stuffiness without sea breeze on some days all made life kind of hell out there in Chennai. Just before starting my trip, my son got hurt twice on his forehead on the same spot, making life hell for himself.
Just when I thought the worst was over, my son fell down headlong from the cot bang on to the floor. Miraculously nothing went majorly wrong though I did have some extreme tense moments taking him to hospitals in the dead of the night at 11pm-ish for clarifiying that indeed nothing was wrong with him. I almost thought of cancelling the rest of the trip and heading home, but then I decided to be more careful with the remaining trip.
Then came the marriage – good food, dance and cultural events, story telling, performances, a grand reception, and then the culmination of months of preparation into the final tying of the knot. Enjoyed every moment of it honestly. Caught up with so many people after years – it was indeed a well deserved break.
Did it end there? You bet not! We reached Namma Bengaluru and a day later we took turns getting into bacterial infections one by one. Temperatures ranging between 100 and 105 (!!), severe throat infections, allergies due to severe antibiotic intake and general fatigues and weaknesses – enough was enough.
Now that I am out of all this mess, as google puts it – Now take a walk, get some real work done, or have a snack! The above feature is part of Google Labs for severe mail-a-holics. Click on take a break on top right of the screen (after enabling this feature in Google labs) and the entire mail screen gets blocked for a full 15 minutes – Good, now I can get back to work!!