Dialysis on wheels in Bengaluru from Manipal Hospital

It was sometime back that I noticed this service while driving to work, but I could not find time to blog about this. However its better late than never that I tell my readers about this. Manipal Hospitals have made an attempt for kidney patients in Benglauru, to bring Dialysis closer to their home by making the service mobile.

They also have a kidney helpline where you can dial 2520 4000 for any queries on kidney ailments, and also avail the dialysis on wheels if you require it urgently.

According the Hindu Business Line,

Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology has launched a “Dialysis On Wheels” programme that will bring renal care to the houses of patients, particularly to the aged and who are unable to travel to the hospitals. The fully equipped air-conditioned dialysis mobile unit will be available round the clock and can be called for on 520 4000. The dialysis can also be transported to smaller hospitals and nursing homes where such facilities are not available, allowing the patient to get treatment closer home rather than moving from one hospital to other.

Dr H. Sudarshan Ballal, Director, Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology said, “with this programme, we intend to make life easier for the unfortunate patients who have severe kidney failure and need dialysis.” The compact `dialysis on wheels’ would also have trained doctors, technicians and other support staff needed for smooth running of dialysis. The machine can be moved into the homes if required and patients can receive the treatment right along the bedside. This service is priced at Rs 2,200 and ambulance charges per visit.

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