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Have you ever realized that the fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in India over the past few years? the NIFT (National Institute of fasion technology) in HSR Layout is well known for being the nerve centre for fashion studies in India. In fact it was HSR Layout’s first known educational venture for fashion.

India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, presenting itself as the converging point for a large number of cultural groups professing varied customs and traditions. Respective customs and traditions bind each of these groups to adopt their own way of dressing, thereby inspiring budding fashion designers to experiment with a huge plethora of options. What is noteworthy in this context is the fact that no matter how large the array of options there are for the designers, their final designs always portray an element of ethnicity that acts as a major crowd puller in the markets. As more and more fashion designers recognised the potential of the country to provide ample ground for their creations, they went on a designing spree and brought about a renaissance of sorts in the fashion industry. The generally adopted way of dressing up in the traditional clothing gave way to the adoption of a new cosmopolitan way of dressing that was highly fashionable and was the right cliché to woo the GenNext.

Very soon, magnified by the large-scale appeal of these contemporary creations among the trend aware population, which comprised of more than the up-scale urban crowd, a new wave of promotional campaign was ushered in. Tasting initial success with their abstract creations, designers sought to take the couture culture to the next level through road shows and fashion shows in major parts of the country. The gimmick, of course, worked perfectly as expected and made the designers pretty well known faces, owing to the media exposure of the events.

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