BBMP spends on segregation advertising for its garbage collection programme

Garbage collection programmes are not new in Bengaluru. In fact quite long ago this was initiated by the BBMP as it saw few potential problems getting solved with this venture.

  • The garbage problem in the city would get better if all garbage was collected and processed properly.
  • The collected garbage could be segregated and then used as landfills outside the city
  • BBMP would get revenues if it imposed garbage tax on each household and they have been pretty successful at this by educating the households in prime areas about the issues involved with garbage collection and the need for it in the first place.
  • People throwing garbage into drains would stop and hence this could avoid to clogging of waterways throughout the city

Today I noticed many of these billboards being generously put up by the BBMP for those households who were not segregating dry and wet waste. The quality of the advertisements educating households itself was adorable and it also had phone numbers of zonal offices, ward contact mobile numbers amongst other information.

I really appreciate BBMP for such education and request all residents living in areas where garbage collection is present to spend atleast 5 minutes segregating wet and dry waste so that the BBMP can use that time you spend for something more useful. Its your waste, I am sure BBMP must not be segregating it for you! Do you bit, maintain a clean environment!

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