Nintendo DS and Wii Fit – products to entertain yourself

I’ve always wanted to know more about the Nintendo DS. Its not called the worlds best handheld gaming console for no reason. The Nintendo DS games are scintillating and so popular across the world that its become a rage by now. The console itself has undergone so many feature changes that it is now truly collaborative with picto chat, and wi-fi connectivity.

Added to that was Nintendo’s release of Wii, a home video game console. This also had a Wii shopping and internet channel along with Wifi connectivity and added to that a great set of games for families to enjoy together. This year, the Wii fit has been launched by Nintendo, which enables fitness programmes to be done using the console. This is a good idea for the entire family to keep fit!

And finally if you do want a comprehensive look at different pricing options for your favourite games and consoles on Nintendo, there are websites that offer these lists so that you can plan your purhcase being equipped with good amount of information.