Thanks dear readers! Keep them coming :)

It could have been yet another post. But its not. This is time to thank my dear readers for making the Bengaluru blog, what it is today. That too in a short span of time.Agreed, not without turbulences, but something is better than nothing. My efforts to pass on knowledge through this website has paid off, and in a much better way than originally anticipated. And it also goes beyond saying to prove what blogging and bloggers and blog readers can do to the online world.

Here are some statistics of the Bengaluru Blog, which has made me immensely happy. And I do believe it will make you more enthusiastic in visiting this blog more often. Read for yourself ! And do visit again 🙂

  • 20000+ visitors in one year
  • 25000+ visitors with one and half times more page views in one year
  • PR 0/10 in 2007 to PR 3/10 in 2008
  • High quality knowledge posts to secure returning visitors
  • Worldwide reach of the blog
  • many bangalore related terms searched on google shows this blog on first page of results
  • the bengaluru blog search term shows this blog on result #4
  • bengalurus best photographic blog
  • growing Pagerank with an urge to perform better

I can keep writing more. But its finally all because of you and your continued support, that I am able to reach these heights. My quest has not ended. There is more to achieve. But I believe its a matter of time going forward.

A big thanks once again!

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