Nokia 5800 shock pricing in India – is this really an Apple i-Phone killer?

The Nokia 5800 is now officially launched and the pricing has come as a shock to me. Before I dwell into the details, lets have a look at the phone itself and its features.

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The main features of this one of a kind new nokia launch are:

  • Full touchscreen based input
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • upto 16GB of storage
  • upto 3.6mbps of browsing speed
  • bluetooth and tv out functionality
  • GPS and WiFi
  • Full email support
  • 3.2MP carl ziess camera + twin camera for video call recordings
  • FM radio and N-Series music player and music management

 Click the PDF icon, to know the full specifications

Now for the shocking part – the PRICING. I prebooked this phone just for the dealer in Koramangala, to call me up when this would be available, and sure he did give me a call. He also gave me a shocker. He said this phone would cost 21,500/- bucks. All along all media had been suggesting a price of 16,000 to 18,000 bucks for this piece to make it a true APPLE i-Phone killer. Though the pricing is slightly higher (call it preferential pricing in world markets), it still is juicy for the features it has to offer. And for a limited time, you also get a Sennheiser portable headphones worth .Rs.2,500 bucks free and also a VIP pass to an event in Palace grounds with this phone purchase. Arguably Sennheiser is one of the best brands of headphones and that must make listening to music only even better with this phone.

I was really hoping that this phone would fall in the price range suggested by the various media and I guess I will have to wait for more time to dispose of my MotoMing which does most of what Nokia does for half the price! Of course the polyphonics are a class apart, but then so is the price 🙂

If you want to prebook this phone, click here. I am sure you have comments and opinions about this phone. Use the comments column to voice your opinions!

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