TOI – Bad to worse, DH – Good to better!

Its strange how a newspaper tries to capture attention of its readers to convey simple news. Today I observed an article on a green initiative in Bengaluru city, which will enable more and more buildings achieve green certification and monetary incentives upon building more ecologically. The ministry is providing encouragement and support for conservation of natural resources.So what would one expect that will be the headline for such an article?

‘Ministry to encourage green initiatives’ or ‘Green initiatives launched in Bengaluru city’ or ‘Greener buildings to be the future of Benagluru city’? Ok, so I picked up Deccan Herald, which reported the news as given below (click for the entire story)

Perfect. Just what everyone expects. To the point. Of late we do know many other newspapers shout more than they should just to get extra attention. So I took out one of my favourites on this list, the Times Of India and knew what to expect about this article there. See for yourself. (Click for entire article)

I wonder wherefrom TOI came to the conclusion that someones going to pay architects for going green. These days its the job of architects to inculcate green concepts in their designs. Is TOI now acting like a preferred newspaper for architects or something? And next they will launch advert blitzes which will proclaim that has seen 25,679 architect ad postings after which they will say TOI outsells any other paper in the entire world.

Now you make your own conclusions on other stories, notably the polio rumour! 🙂

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