ICICI’s mini trading website, quite a good option for people on the move

Recently ICICI introduced their mini trading website more suited for browsing on the mobiles and handhelds. This is a smart addition by them to their already good trading website. Its more aimed towards low bandwidth users and according to me it suits this kind of sceanrio quite well. Here is the flyer talking about this feature:

And obviously you have to be well convinced about the ease of use of such an feature. So here is a demo of some screens for you to decide!

Obviously you can also trade with this simple menu system. Here are few screens which show that possibility

With this ICICI has unleashed yet another round of technology initiative by making trading more accessible over low cost devices like mobile phones and for low bandwidth users who dont have hi-tech broadband connections! But I fail to understand why or how a low bandwidth user will be so rich enough to trade in shares if he cant afford a decent net connection! well, jokes aside, in India, we are like that only! Anything is possible.

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