Mr. Muthalik and the chaddi story – Valentines Day 2009, Bengaluru

So Mr. Mutalik – yea otherwise known familiarly by the name Sri Rama Sene head, thought he could do impressive stunts by bashing up a few pub going girls who went ‘against’ “their” culture, in Mangalore and according to him were dancing nude. So I am now wondering who was drunk on that day, to say the girls would have been dancing nude. Since when did India start having nude dancers and pub goers may I ask?

So to correct this ‘avmaan’ to mother india and mother karnataka, our man decides he will fondle them instead along with his goons. So he starts showing the ‘right’ karnataka culture? I remember that somewhere in Hampi is a kind of a semi-hideout reserved only for foreigners who indulge in drugs and whatever else they want to. Why should not Mr. Ram Sene try his luck in this place? Where Indians are not allowed!? Leave alone him getting scores of pink chaddis, he would probably come back in a chaddi himself.

That comment notwithstanding, many girls in Bengaluru and other places in Karnataka sent him pink chaddis, with love messages written one among which read “This stinks – perhaps its Mutlaik’s!”. And the Ram Sene were proudly photographing holding these chaddis in front of the camera. For what? To show how they fit in the ‘Indian’ culture? I also faintly heard and read that he planned to retaliate by sending the same people sarees to show them what Indian culture is, and after a while went back on that proposal and also did not do any protests in Bengaluru. Why? Is it because he ran out of money to buy sarees, or were the pink chaddis too many in number considering the current population of Bengaluru.

People of this state have learnt to vent their loser attitude in all such things as women going to pub and men working in IT and shit like this. Who said that only men should go to pub? Or for that matter even arrack shops? How many women have been rendered homeless because of such nataks? And how many women have converted their husbands to the right path? And not the other way round? So why generalize that every woman, and further every pub goer further who wants to celebrate Valentines day is considered against our culture.

Now the real point in all this crap of a discussion is the fact that Valentine’s day is a celebration which is out of Indian Culture – and I whole heartedly agree with this. It was never an Indian celebration – of love – or for that matter of hate or any other shit. But did we just realize that there are thousands of companies, who are commercializing on Valentines day gifts, flowers and other such artifacts for thousands of rupees each year? So why one rule for some and another rule for others? The point – love, drinks, gifts and valentines day – none of these are really related. I can always love, or drink, or gift (though I really dont celebrate 14th Feb), while others do all these more freely on 14th Feb. Why? Because there is a collective passion from the youth on this day. Whether to accept love or to reject it. Its just a fun time leading nowhere for no reasons.

Mr. Mutalik can actually work on other things that are bothering the state more now. Agreed he might have got some money from some party to malfunction this way – who knows might be from the BJP itself for all one knows. And he did get his 10 seconds of fame no doubt. But why did he pull Sri Rama into this controversy? Was it all required? Today the moral police and the media (in a way they both are the same is it not?) are ruling over us. Every decision we take, make or break is based on news and news only. Where has our inner conscious gone? To think what is not correct and what is for ourselves. If you are in a bad mood with your girlfriend and you want to make it up, and there is 14th Feb, why not? On the other hand, if you are a regular Bengalurean, and these things dont matter to you, any other day is vals day ! 🙂

Moral police of the story : Sri Rama would have hated it if he had seen Mutalik’s doings for today!

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