Bengaluru south – the big fight

Today is the great election day, atleast for Bengaluru south constituency. Four prominent candidates are participating this time, for the MP seats. But wait a minute, aren’t there only three prominent parties? The Congress, JDS and BJP? So who and why is there a fourth prominent candidate? Well Captain Gopinath of our very own yours truly cheap airline Air Deccan airline is contesting as an independent this time.

Lets have a look at the candidates in short and see what they really have in them to make it beneficial for us voters.

Krishna Byregowda – Congress

Krishna has crafted for himself a niche as a man responsible for development. As an erstwhile MLA who successfully won from Byatarayanapura, he has proved his might for working for his constituency. With a good educational background and enough exposure to life outside the country as well, Krishna is sure to lead politics in the right fashion. With his many supporters and his charm for canvassing, the young man is sure to be noticed among many circles in Bengaluru as a capable person strong enough to propel Congress and usher developmental programmes as well as more participation of youth.


Ananthkumar – BJP

While Ananth is not less popular, and has won more than once from Bangalore south in recent past, his agenda seems to be a bit unclear. He has varied interests portrayed as part of his manifesto, and his recent spat with Yeddy shows some cracks in the the party and some nonalignment with other people in his own party. Also his age compared to other party candidates and consistency issues in his agenda might work against him this time.


Prof. Radhakrishna – JDS


After drawing flak from the entire citizen crowd of Karnataka for the kind of performance JDS put up both in the coalition with Congress and with BJP, the JDS has sprung up in a new avatar with an educationalist as its candidate. Not much is known by me about Radhakrishna other than the fact that he is noted for educational skills, and also interests in art and culture. But the question is whether he can be of any significant influence for the constituency works, or for garnering the money required for the same in case a different party is in power in the centre. With Krishna Byregowda and Ananth in the fray, chances are pretty slim for JDS, considering the past brickbats earned by the party as well.


Capt. Gopinath – Independent


If someone in Bengaluru says they have not heard of Air Deccan, they must be fools. From a mere avionics man, to running a low cost airline business successfully, Gopi has proved that he has what it takes to get into a political high flyer status – his Kite Symbol. With perhaps the least amount of assets, and the least money spent on canvassing, he has done more of smart appearances rather than hard work to make his presence felt amongst the people. Considering his simplicity, corporate involvement, and will power to try out politics, one can be sure he would divide the vote share that would otherwise go to Congress and BJP atleast from the urban voters. Well ultimately he will have to align with one of these parties even if he wins. But the very fact that he won could be quite a nightmare for other parties who have had Bengaluru South as their stronghold for years. The winning chances are pretty slim though for Gopi, but his entrepreneurial spirit must not be discounted.

So the who will it be from Bengaluru south – if you ask my take it would definitely be Krishna Byregowda or Ananthkumar, while the other two fresh faces have a long way to go. So did I then vote for any of these two guys? Wait and find out!

The most criminal thing you can do is to NOT vote today. So get out go the election booth, and give your VOTE to anyone you think is idealistic for your liking. Its a keen contest and is well worth it.

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