Chinese items in Bengaluru, the untold story

There was a furore sometime back on using imported toys from China. These were meant to be unsafe for kids. NDTV had this report about these toys and how they have taken over the Indian market. What stumped me was the fact that even a 3 month baby teether had toxic levels of lead!

I am an avid buyer of Mee Mee products since I liked their products and the brand in particular. In one such instance in the Star Bazaar run by Tata group, I managed to bump into this water bottle.

I thought its not a toy as such, so it may not be harmful. Just turned it the other way and to my surprise found this statement!

It read “Carefully made in China for …. “ and I couldn’t hide the chuckle at the tactics adopted by plastic makers to still sell chinese stuff in our country. This was some sort of a practical joke which most often goes unnoticed! Well even if it doesn’t one cant do much about it due to an already existing disclaimer! Indians surely find ways of escaping even the toughest constraints don’t they?