My hotmail inbox literally disappears!

Was it real, or was it just me!? Well, I was still rubbing my eyes, but this cant be a joke. It was indeed real. My hotmail inbox just disappeared. Content, folders, settings everything for good. See for yourself.

This audacious provider even went to the extent of telling me I never had an inbox! So much for free email. Well it did happen with google once. But just once and they apologized heavily for the downtime encountered  by millions of users. But they just told their users, that accounts were locked and they had to unlock them due to the downtime. Not like MSN’s audacity. Now just imagine if your business relied on email providers like these. I do agree Email services have their downtimes. But what matters is the professionalism of the provider. And their data storage capabilities that will ensure that even if one server goes down the replica content from another would do its duty.

In my past ten years of email usage experience, I have only one provider to recommend wholeheartedly. FASTMAIL. This is a company started by two to three individuals and is now a reckoning force in email services. With far more facilities, (except ajax interface) than its counterparts, even at a price this service looks juicy enough for use.

So the next time your email inbox collapses, just hang on there for a few hours and it will all be back again to the same glory as any usual day!