Yet another mistake, yet another death

Another life snuffed out. Another mistake. No accountability. No regards for safety. No comments from organizers. Minimal action from police. India surely is a free country isn’t it? Free to live, free to die even. When I saw the article regarding the Bungee Jumping event yesterday, I was thinking : “What if …. ?”. And then this article today.

If the organizers had decades of expertise in running the bungee jump event, then why was not the safety net in place? Is it too much of ask for safety? This clearly shows the level of maturity in organizing such events in India. Why do I  say India? Because I don’t hear such things happening too often in other countries. Why again? Simple – for them safety comes first. For us, the thrill and money comes first. Its time we sit back and think for ourselves, be it organizers of events, or people who take part in them. Whether this kind of unsafe cheap thrills are to be offered or taken. I think the future of our lives are in our own hands. To take mature decisions and stick by them. We have only one life and we have many more useful things to do in that life of ours. Not to forget to mention the people who depend on you – your family. They want to see you at home every evening. Not your dead body.

And remember something about today’s event: The death occurred because the guy fell on his head, but from JUST 50 feet above him. Its not even from the actual height at which the jump started. And remember another thing : In this unholy nexus of all people around us colluding to create these kind of unwanted consequences, its only in our hand that we have control over what we wish to do.