Comfort Net – Saying no to mosquitoes naturally


How many times in life has this small insect made you lose your sleep? How many different repellants have you been using and inhaling for the past ten years or more? Don’t you think its been a long time since you have been taught that repellants and coils are the only way to keep away mosquitoes!? So much so that you did not even argue or tend to look at the problem and solution in a different perspective at all thanks to commodity advertising on consumers heads! 🙂

Its been close to two years now, since I came across and use the Comfort net. First the reason for this: My wife was very clear that neither she nor me nor my newborn son be exposed to the repellant chemical crap at any point of time. Tough call for me, but me being the curious guy I am to find solutions, chanced upon this net. So how is it different from other such nets!? Well by a large gap I must say. I have only been used to nets which had to be tied to the walls at six to seven different ends and were a mess to deal with and keep wrapped during the day.

It was a pleasant thing to finally come across a viable solution – the Comfort Net. Marketed by a company in Bangalore with tie up elsewhere in India, the provider was receptive enough to my needs, and understood my requirement well. He took about a week and delivered two nets, one which you see above of standard size, and another of a custom size for me to do yoga on the terrace. Priced at Rs.1200/- for the big one and Rs.800/- for the smaller one, these were delivered to my house in the promised time. Learning to use this, assembling the net and living with it has been a regularity since then! You basically tie the net up to the frame at different ends, and the frame opens and closes like a rainbow as you see above. So when you use it its on, and when you don’t, its folded and rests along the borders of the bed. The net can further be secured to the bed by clipping it on with the bedspread. And oh yes, the net can be hand washed too without any problems!

As such the net itself can be done in a better way and its a matter of time by when people will come up with more enterprising ideas. So there you go, an economical way, to keep the pests away naturally without wasting their effort or yours! 🙂

What are you waiting for, look up ComfortNet and order one now. Tell them you found information on! Enjoy the summer with a sound sleep.