20 winks in 20 seconds

9am, rainy monday morning. Blues in the offing. 3 columns of ten cars in front of me. I drive up behind them and stop. Knowing MG road for the past two and half decades I switch off my car. Closed my eyes. Was thinking about having some personal time for myself in this fast paced world. I could see images flashing past my eyes. My son was playing by me. Wife was all smiles. No phone calls, no office, no one to bother me. The hassles were missing. Beauty abound around me. Serenity manifested all around. Calmness prevailed.

The sun shone into my home. Its rays sifting through the dust particles bringing in energy and freshness into every breath I took and illuminating my home with all brightness. This was THE life. A perfect one minus the daily struggles. 🙂 Oh how nice the feeling.

Cuuuuuuuuttttttttt! Eyes wide open. Realized I am in the middle of traffic. The three columns of cars in front me had vanished. A quick look at the rear view mirror showed no one behind me. Or to the side of me. Or around me. Far away the signal showed green. And the pedestrians were waiting wondering what I was upto and what move I would make next. There was only one thing left. I jammed the accelerator and shot off to the corner to make it on time before signal went red. Made it on time.

Had I slept, or was it a situation of getting deeply carried away by thoughts which contained the stuff I was yearning for even for a single moment? I cannot say for sure. Whatever it was it did not have the daily struggle from the toothbrush to hitting the bed. And it was a good 20 winks in 20 seconds.

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