the 8520 is finally mine!

I finally own a blackberry 8520 Curve. Its a nice mix of technology and looks. And there is no reason why BB will not make inroads into the low cost high feature mobile market sooner than later.

There is already lot of information on the internet on this new phone and I will cover more details about this in a seperate video review later on. However what is important is the fact that there is finally an affordable blackberry at our reach.

Before I end this small post I will leave you with some pros and cons of this device so that you can make your decisions!

The good points of bb 8520 :

– great screen with very good resolution
– new menu system which is very slick and quick
– all expected business features are nicely packaged in the phone
– sweet pricing this will attract lots of hitherto missed out customers
– very nice trackpad does what it says on the tin
– nicely packaged keys all around the phone
– very loud audio, clear and nice

And now the cons:

– typing not the best experience
– slightly hard keypad nowhere near N97 from nokia
– some options are hidden and only professional users can locate such features.
– wifi and bluetooth connectivity configuration not so straightforward
– camera is nothing to talk much and while its not pathetic its not great either

I hope you liked this small review on the blackberry 8520. If you did, watch out for the more detailed review on video soon.