Our infrastucture experts lag by a decade – KH road flyover mess solved

Ask a small kid and he would have given the solution. Ask an old man and his wiseness would have manifested as a solution. It took the Bengaluru infrastructure experts a few years to come up with a solution to the (stupid) KH Road flyover. What is wrong with the flyover many people might ask. Well I would ask – what is exactly right?

  • Its the world’s only flyover with a signal light at the center
  • Its the world’s only flyover where a cop sits managing traffic at this signal light
  • Its the world’s only flyover which is mismanaged to such an extent that it has made proper roads crooked just because it exists
  • Its the world’s only flyover (perhaps) which can crush an entire road beneath it and the people on it to death in seconds
  • Its the world’s only flyover where the span of the column can be considered so huge to cause regular traffic jams
  • Its perhaps the world’s only flyover that looks like an X in shape!

Yes we are talking about the great Double Road flyover. Finally atleast the mess it has created has been solved to some extent by keeping things the way they must be. See for yourself: (picture courtesy TOI)

Now for some questions on this way of traffic flow:

  • Isn’t one of this enough either mission road to residency road or double road to richmond road, why both ways the traffic now needs to flow on the flyover?
  • Is that design not silly ?
  • The bigger question is whether this flyover is now required at all once you see the traffic flow 🙂 ?
  • If they do decide next to remove this flyover, will it solve any issues if one ways are created accordingly?
  • Must a small stretch of road between richmond circle and VGP junction on double road make life hell ?
  • Will we never see architectural marvels in flyover making at all ?
  • What about the maintenance of such a flyover, what will be its state after say 10 years more ? Would you travel on it or under it ?

The issue is not with building flyovers. The issue is with people designing them and the limited scope of the needs of such a construction, that these people have in their narrow mind. Money flow aside.  Any guesses what the next great architectural marvel would be ? How about an underpass on both sides of this flyover ? Or better still a metro train running under this flyover ? Infrastructure planning is an art. Experience must speak by itself, without even a single question asked. You want an example, see for yourself the better part of Bengaluru infrastucture:

Image courtesy: BMIC – NICE