Standing ovation and self speaking testimony for FIAT


The real testimony to the FIAT multijet diesel engine was never really available. Finally one of my very own forum friends at Team-BHP, has written a standing ovation to this engine gem which not only speaks volumes about FIAT’s technical prowess, but also leads one to believe what quality FIAT cars and engines are made of. Arguably FIAT did have a tough time in India with respect to marketing and they continue their ways with the rather unholy nexus with TATA which is somewhat clicking and somewhat not. The owner has a swift diesel VDI, which has a FIAT engine inside as we all by now know and here are excerpts from his opinion.

Well thats all i’ve experienced with the swift. what i’ve seen is that its a very forgiving car. you dont need to change oils every 5000 kilometers and you dont need to look under the bonnet or anywhere else for that matter very often. a little care and this car will go a long way. even with so many kilometers on the odo, the car has managed to hold to 160 on expressways without any problems. the performance has always been sparkling and i’ve enjoyed every kilometer i’ve done in this car.



If you are still feeling what’s great about this opinion, bear in mind that this person’s car has done a record 200,000 kilometres of driving on Indian roads and the engine has endured all this and continues to serve the next buyer faithfully.

You can read the entire review of the experience of epicenter, by clicking here.