Silk Board to E-city highway to attract toll from today

Source: TOI

For those who enjoyed the toll highway from Electronics city to Silk Board in Bengaluru, constructed by NHAI, finally you must get ready to pay toll to use it henceforth. For those going to work, its still a boon and worthwhile investment. And for those investing in Hosur/Attibele/Jigani/Suryanagar, its even more worthwhile in terms of RE investment.

As for me, I did get a chance to enjoy this road, but even as I drove for the first time, came across a horrific accident where a car’s frontage was completely in smoke after hitting the divider. Further on, I noticed only half of a two wheeler which made gory thoughts come to my mind wondering where the driver and the other half of the two wheeler were. If you want to bet on your life, please drive below 80 kmph and in one single lane always. If at all you want to change lanes, its advisable that you give proper indicators for doing the act.

As for police patrol, its quite strong on the highway and they seem to come over immediately in case there is a problem. There are also digital signboards along the highway making it somewhat techno-gizmo-oriented. The highway itself due to its elevation is a breath of fresh air. Drive slow, and enjoy your drive.