KHB Apartments Allotment announced for Yelahanka New town, Bengaluru

Today the TOI put up an advert from the government which has announced Apartments from KHB at yelahanka new town. You can click on the ad below for a bigger picture.

You must notice a marked shift in the pricing of the apartments this time. While one can agree that this would be in Yelahanka New Town, an 850 sqaure feet apartment is pegged at about 25.60 lacs. If we remove around 2 lacs worth of KEB and BWSSB charges, the rest turns out to be 23.60 lacs.

For an 850 square feet of SUPER BUILT UP area, this works out to a WHOPPING Rs.2,777/- per square feet. With market rates hovering between 2,000 and 2,500, KHB has set the benchmark in raising the rates around the area itself by pegging its new apartment blocks at this figure.

The following however are good points about the new residential developemnt from KHB

  • Focus on rainwater harvesting
  • Solid waste disposal unit
  • Piped LPG gas distribution and supply – one of its kind from KHB
  • Sewage treatment system
  • No common walls between flats
  • Toilets with false ceiling facilitating easy repair work
  • Mainteance and service staff get their own toilets

Lets just quickly understand how the flats look like with the available bad quality of pictures.

2BHK – 850 SFT


The only downside to this type of flat is that both bedrooms DO NOT have balconies. Also there are NO attached toilets in this type of flat.

3BHK – 1200 SFT


In this type of apartment, the following points are good:

  • Both bedrooms have balconies
  • There is a dedicated utility space
  • There is atleast one attached toilet

However, there is NO balcony for living room

3BHK – 1600 SFT


In this type of apartment, the following points are good:

  • Living room and two bedrooms have balconies
  • Dedicated utility space is provided
  • There is some additional seating/puja space next to dining area
  • There is atleast one attached toilet

There are no obvious negative points to this type of flat except its cost, which is close to 50 lacs!

Some other important points to note:

  1. Stamp duty and registration will be about 12-13% over and above indicated cost
  2. Application distribution starts 8th April, 2011
  3. Other conditions are listed here from the AD.

So for those interested, dont miss this opportunity. If KHB has been strategic enough this will come quite close to major bus stands, metro terminals and commuter railway stations in Yelahanka.

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