BDA launches yet another mega E-auction

The Bangalore Development Authority launched yet another mega e-auction today covering both prominent areas in the IT belt as well as areas in South Bengaluru such as BSK Vth stage.


In the last few e-auctions, people have had some issues with registering for the auction. One day before the auction, people could not register for the auction since the registration link was taken away hours before the auction started. While one can expect that e-auctions would not load the server as in the case of say a railway ticketing system, still BDA needs to iron out a few nitty gritties to make this system more reliable and foolproof.

Now there could always be scenarios where they jack up the price by themselves and in the heat of the moment the participants dont notice it when the auction is going on.

Further BDA’s website was not renewed by them which shows how callous the government department can be at times. Somehow they have found a way to get their website back. But even then, their certificates are not trusted by a browser like Chrome that displays this message.


With all these drawbacks, this page will show the current auctions going on.

What is important to note is that the minimum bid amount by which an increase can take place is Rs.100/sqauaremeter. Some important information about this event is specified below:


So if you are participating in the auction for a slice of the Bangalore real estate pie, Good Luck!


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