Rambo Circus Review

(source: Rambo circus facebook page)


I had a rather low week at office and with time to spare was wondering what could be done over the weekend. During the week and before that my wife was toying around with the idea that we must go to a circus instead of the usual other places people visit. She was looking at the Rambo Circus, which had pitched its tent at Gollarahatti, Magadi Road. After missing the deadline two times in two weeks, I felt this is a sure shot venture for this weekend. 

Before you proceed further reading on, please note that a circus event is best seen live, and not on youtube or TV. The experience is something to be felt.

Both me and my wife had never been to a circus in our lives so far, and our two kids I was sure would also enjoy this. So we booked the tickets for Rambo Circus on BookMyShow.com. The pricing was between choices of Rs.200 and Rs.300 per ticket with kids less than 3 yrs going free. Once the online booking was done, the next thing was the journey itself. Since I had to do a great deal of distance from HSR Layout, the one single reason I was still confident about this ordeal was due to the route – Nice Road. While it took me about 25 minutes to reach Nice road, it took me about 20 minutes after that to reach Magadi Road itself. Thankfully unlike other major roads, Magadi road is smaller by width and the exit from Nice Road takes you right into the parking lot of the Circus on the other side of the road. The placement of the Circus event cannot get better than this for people who have access to the Nice Road.


Once in, parking was a breeze barring a few beggars who were hell bent on taking money from you. The parking fee is collected upfront at Rs.30 and after that online booked tickets need to be collected at a separate counter. That wasn’t much of a problem since we had booked the 4PM show and there was not much crowd on a Saturday. After that things were pretty normal inside irrespective of the amount you paid. The higher the ticket amount the closer you are to the stage. Otherwise its the same set of plastic chairs tied together to form rows. The people who let you in at the entrance looked like goons but I guess its the way they had dressed that made me feel that way. Also there is a metal detector check as well. The Circus itself boasts of a fire proof and an airconditioned tent though the latter was very questionable on the hot afternoon that we landed up there.

At 4PM it was straight to business for the next two hours. I must say here that I had a very concocted notion of what a circus could be after what I had been exposed to on TV. But the reality was starkly different. Of course the polished environment of a 4D cinema theater was missing no doubt. But when the events started the whole thing here acquired a different dimension. The whole place turned lively and each of the artist enthralled the crowds with their acts some beng outright dangerous. An element of awe was visible on everyones faces as the programme progressed. The whole event was organized and conceptualized nicely to bring in a good enjoyable ambience.

The one thing that I was not too happy about from a circus-goers persepective was that of constant marketing of food items that was overshadowing that of the main event itself. Tens of people carrying lots of food packets, juices, ice creams, samosas, sugar candies and what not scurrying in front of you and inbetween you and the stage was quite annoying to say the least. This was in stark contrast to the way in which a posh theatre would market its food. Agreed that food always forms part of the experience but then making a sale by diverting the attention that parents and kids had on the circus itself is a bit on the pesky side. The food is thrust in front of your kid’s face and there is a situation created where the food is in the kid’s hand and the parent has no choice but to purchase it since its by that time already half eaten.

Personally I hate this kind of marketing as not only is the kid exposed to all wrong types of food by the time parents react, its also financially draining within minutes if not hours. But then in the circus company’s perspective they have no better way to show their marketing skills than this. This is a sure shot success route and it always works by the time the show comes to an end.

Coming to animal usage in circus, Rambo has a few dogs, one elephant and few horses. Of course no tigers or cheetahs or camels or giraffes like the past anymore. No bears or monkeys either. Perhaps due to the erstwhile debate on harassing animals this way, it has now been banned or something like that. But this has given Rambo an opportunity to focus more on human talent than animal exploitation. And they have used this opportunity to showcase what they do best. Last but not the least the trapeze act was outright dangerous but executed extremely well and is the focal point of the whole show no doubt.

One thing I must say after attending this event is that my respect for circus artists has gone up many fold. Their whole life is perhaps just this – multiple shows per day of doing the same act again and again – risking their lives to provide entertainment. Each person has such a fit and fine body which flexes like elastic – making us gasp in envy. Their true skill, their glittering costumes, the excellent lighting arrangement taking into account the modern technology available – everything ensures that there is a full paisa vasool for show goers. This is definitive entertainment for the whole family and is a sure must watch as long as the circus is in town.

In the case of Bangalore, they are here only for a week more until the 26th of January or so, and I highly recommend that you make it a point to either visit today or in any of the next one week. I will more than assure you that you will not regret taking up this opportunity presented to you. Circus art is something that I believe will never die and has a bright future. It just needs the right amount of support and encouragement from people like us who prefer cinemas compared to such events, and within no time it will catapult into something that always enjoys a much higher fan base as it demonstrates a highly skilled experience.

If you would like to know more about Rambo Circus, and its owners and their achievements, click here to read more.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and book your tickets today!