Juspure coconut water review

So I happened to go shopping as usual to my favorite haunt “Multiplex” in HSR Layout, and this time felt like picking up some tender coconut juice. Now I know what you would tell me upfront

> if you want tender coconut go buy one directly on the street

Obviously it is no doubt the most healthiest, but then the idea here is to review products in the market. So let me go on.

This product is called **Juspure coconut water** and is made by *Zydus Wellness Inc*. I kind of feel these names are so funny – Wellness Inc! It says the coconut water is made from the freshest coconut available.

A glance at the ingridients reveal that there are allowed preservatives, and coconut water that is not processed in anyway. While I was happy that the ingridient list did not read **_sugar_**.

The question then remained only about the actual taste of this product. The opinions can be really subjective. But I must say here that the product tastes ridiculous! You may ask how do I judge so, but you need to understand that there is another brand called Cocojal which is the undisputed leader in tender coconut water packaging. In comparison Juspure is really really bad so to say.

The Verdict?

> I won’t venture out to buy one again