Premium Kulfi review

So guys, I had a chance to visit Tiruvannamalai for the first time in my life in 35 years (wonder why I never had the opportunity to go there so far). We ate at the Chola restaurant, which is where the Karnataka Volvo buses to that place stop over for lunch.

It’s here that the menu had ice creams and/or kulfi. Since I noticed that it was not a brand that I knew, the restaurant staff suggested that I eat one since it was supposedly good in taste. The product itself was shipped to different places from Chennai.

I bought one and had it to my heart’s content. It costs about Rs.85 which is quite highly priced for a kulfi product. There are other cheaper ones like the ones from Amul for example (the pista variety) or even our very own Adigas. It is best before 18 months from the date of manufacture for obvious reasons (assuming its stored at -18 deg C). Also since its a milk based products, there were no surprises in the ingridients found – Milk, sugar, and all the nuts you can think of – Cashew, almonds, pista and the cardamom spice for flavouring. The contents do not indicate any artificial flavouring so that’s a plus. For every 100g, it provides 200 KCal of energy and roughly amouting to about 10% of fat and 15% of sugar. Personally I feel that 15% of sugar is actually very high and can be lowered to about 5% even though end result of the product may not be that sweet.

From the packaging I could make out that the contents were about 60ml of packaging so you can work out the rest of the math on above figures accordingly.

Coming to the design of the product, one of the most interesting things I found is the stick on which the kulfi itself is wound around and frozen – it seems to be made of bamboo or something of that sort. One of the most annoying factors of kulfi is the stick which is either the ice cream stick or a more thinner longer stick which kind of disintegrates by the time you start finishing up eating the stuff. Full marks to premium for including a really premium base on which the kulfi is set.

The kulfi itself is very rich and nice to taste, and is pretty solid for quite a while and does not drip within minutes like the ones you find from Adigas or Amul. It takes a while to really show any melting signs which only means you get longer to savour the stuff in your mouth without worrying about the rest of it dripping away to glory.

All in all, Premium is really a product that sticks to its name – from the packaging, the foundations on which the milk product is frozen on top of, and the taste itself. Go get yourself one, and I promise you, you will come back to this blog and thank me!

Personally I always like kulfi to ice creams for some good reason 🙂 Premium kulfi – asli punjab di maharaj!

**Oh and did I miss to say that you can order this kulfi online at the company website if you’d so wish!?**

I bought mine from my friendly neighborhood Multiplex as usual. You must be able to find it anywhere pretty much.